Kyle Baptiste
Languages: Python, Java, URScript, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, C
Tools: Git, PyTorch, Kaggle, RegEx
Software: VSCode, Thonny, Selenium, Xcode, Microsoft Suite
Prototyping: Raspberry Pi, 3D Printing, Arduino, CNC
CAD: Fusion 360, Solidworks
Video Editing: DaVinci Resolve, Hitfilm
Certifications: Commercial Remote Pilot, FAA Part 107
2021 to 2024
Computer Science House
2020 to 2024
Lion's Club
2010 to 2019

  • Represented local chapter at International Lion’s Club Convention. (2016, 2017, 2019)

Knights of Pythagoras, Youth Program
2013 to 2019

  • Elected as Most Venerable Grand Senior Knight, VA State Council (2017-2019) 

B.S, Computer Science / Software Engineering
Minor, Innovation
Rochester Institute of Technology
(Dept. of Individualized Study)
Brinkman Precision - Automation Engineer
Rochester, NY
2023 to 2024

  • Assisted in the manufacturing process for flight-critical aircraft parts by programming UR collaborative robots.
  • Collaborated with others to introduce new products to the manufacturing market.

MITRE - Innovation Intern
McLean, VA
May 2022 to May 2023

  • Corporate Service Desk:  Created innovative marketing tools (NFC Coins) and utilized the Microsoft suite to engage the endpoint users in "Proactive IT Engagement Campaigns".
  • Led projects, created milestones, and met all the needed deliverables while collaborating with numerous departments in the company and providing assistance on projects other than my main project.

SAIC - Senior Intern Technician
Chantilly, VA
May 2019 to Aug. 2019

  • Assisted SAIC’s Nascent Technology Center with analyzing and developing new processes for solving emerging and ongoing challenges.
  • Conducted initial research and completed numerous Research and Development projects in the areas of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Mobile App Development, Data mining, and Web Scraping.

Raspberry Pi Pico LED Board

  • Used Python, JavaScript, and HTML to create a WiFi-enabled control system for an LED board.
  • Programmed to have specialized functionality and display custom text and animations.

Kjb-Wyvern - Custom Nerf Blaster
2022 to 2023

  • Using rapid prototyping technology and innovative design techniques to create a modifiable, versatile, and open-source Nerf blaster.

Baby Phil - Custom Droid
2020 to 2023

  • Designing a custom autonomous robotic system including an FPV camera and a modular electronics suite.

  • Based on the older Phil 3:8 project (See below).

3D Printed NFC Coins
2021 to 2022

  • Used CAD software and 3D printing technology to design, model, and mass-produce 3D printed coins with custom designs and NFC chips embedded inside.
  • Scanning these coins launches actions such as opening websites or certain applications

"Otto" Rover - RC Snow Tank
2021 to 2022

  • Modifying a snow tank design to implement a fully autonomous RC rover that can complete unmanned missions consisting of GPS waypoints.

The Behemoth - Custom Speakers

  • Used rapid prototyping technology and techniques to design, analyze, and create a custom and unique set of 3-way floor speakers.

Phil 3:8 - Custom Droid

  • In the span of 2 weeks, my father and I designed and constructed a Life-size R2D2 inspired droid with an improvised propulsion system, head, and led "eye".