Sarah Avery
Front End Developer
JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Wordpress, Sass, Jira, Digital Ocean, GraphQL, Apollo, NextJS, KeystoneJS, Express, Postgres, SQL, Sequelize, Git, Keycloak, Jest, TestProject, Cypress, Handlebars, jQuery
Lighthouse Labs
Diploma 2021
Completed courses - JavaScript, React, Front-End Web Development, Back-End, API’s, testing libraries, jQuery, SQL, and Databases
Codecademy · 
Completed courses in JavaScript, React, Front-End Web Development, jQuery and SQL. Continuing courses in Python.
Sheridan College
Diploma Accounting 2018
General Ledgers, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Payroll

A functioning test taking website. This project is a monorepo composed of two packages, an API built with Express, and a frontend Client built with React.

Quick React and TypeScript checkout process, for a mock ceramic studio.

Stack: React, TypeScript


Kanban-style web app geared towards wedding planners

Stack: React, Node-Fetch, Postgres, Express


A Pinterest style website app that allows users to post resources for the dev community.

Stack: Postgre, Express, Node-Fetch, NPM, Node, ejs


A small plant mock e-commerce site, using handlebars.js.

Stack: Babel, Gulp, Node-Fetch, qs, handlebars.js


Determined and productive web developer with years of experience building a variety of projects. Proficient in building and deploying solutions with HTML, SCSS, JavaScript,  React, and TypeScript. Experience using WordPress, JavaScript template engines, Digital Ocean, version control, dependency management, and industry-standard build tools. Takes joy in creating products that have a minimalist design and intuitiveness. Always thinking of better ways to improve UX.

Terra Greenhouses
Greenhouse · 
Nov. 2022 to Current

Customer service, daily care and maintenance of tropical plants. Inventory, and new stock of products and individual care advice.

Field Trip Health
Front End Developer (Contract) · 
2021 to 2022

Supportive role with creation, testing, and launching of new releases.

Working with React, TypeScript, Keycloak, Graphql, and TestProject.

Zip Signs Ltd
Permit Coordinator (Contract) · 
2019 to 2021

Project Management, Managed Data Entry, Building Code and By-Laws

Prepared Designs, Architectural Drawings, and Submitted Documents for Cities Across Canada

National Steel Car
Administration Assistant · 
2018 to 2019

Managed Employee Information, Production Costs, General Inquiries, Visual Basics, AS/400

Edible Arrangements
Manager · 
Jan. 2014 to June 2018

Customer Service, Sales, Inventory, Production

Nelson Co-op Homes · President
 · Burlington

Elected position to oversee accounting, budget reviews, repair tenders for units, and general operations.

Nelson Co-op Homes · Vice President

Elected position to oversee accounting, budget reviews, repair tenders for units, and general operations.