Nicholas Christiny
Active Directory
MS Exchange
Cisco phone systems
Service Now
Cisco AnyConnect VPN
Watch This!

Film recommendation engine API built on a lightweight Rails-API MongoDB back end and React front end using webpack. Testing performed with Rspec and Mocha. Solo project for apprenticeship.

Chord Explorer

Single-page app deployed to Heroku in 8 days. It leverages JavaScript library Raphaël to render SVG images of guitar chords within AJAX partial views using data from a PostgreSQL back end. Five member group project for Dev Bootcamp.

Software developer and Agile collaborator specializing in single-page responsive web apps. 

IT Service Desk Technician
Chicago, IL
Echo Global Logistics
Aug. 2018 to Current

  • Support IT operations for a large-scale nationwide user base.

  • Configure Cisco systems, and troubleshoot software and hardware malfunctions.

  • Perform HR on/off boarding and employee change requests.

  • Expertise in Active Directory, MS Exchange, SSCM, Salesforce Admin, OneLogin.

  • Report issues directly to product engineering team using Splunk and Kibana.

  • Collaborate across teams during emergencies using Slack.

  • Migrate CMS from Service Now version Madrid to London.

Customer Hero
Chicago, IL
SpotHero Inc.
Apr. 2017 to Dec. 2017
  • Provide nationwide phone support for mobile app startup.

  • Work alongside QA during outages to minimize downtime.

  • Maintain ownership of ongoing issues and follow up as needed.

  • Communicate and document emerging issues.

  • Empathize with clients during difficult, fast paced issues.

  • Flexibly work remote as needed.

Apprentice Software Engineer
Chicago, IL
Jellyvision Inc.
Feb. 2016 to May 2016

  • Collaborate in sprint planning sessions and retrospectives with stakeholders.

  • Create internal company dashboard tool deployed via Amazon Web Services.

  • Build recommendation engine API with React and Rails -API and MongoDB.

  • Track progress using Jira and Agile methodology.

  • Program using SOLID design principles.

AppleCare Support Advisor
Austin, TX
Apple Inc.
Nov. 2012 to May 2015

  • Support large user base and mentor new team members.
  • In position as contractor for Volt Workforce Solutions Dec 2011 to Oct 2012.

Account and Technical Service Representative
Austin, TX
Blizzard Entertainment Inc.
Jan. 2010 to Sept. 2011

  • Troubleshoot diverse operating systems, hardware and software configurations.

Front End Web Developer
Austin, TX
Harte-Hanks Inc.
Sept. 2009 to Dec. 2009

  • Design small business WordPress sites via client-facing consulting.

Northeastern Illinois University
Grad student in computer science master's program.
Dev Bootcamp Chicago
Accelerated web development and emotional intelligence. 2015
Pair programming, Agile, test-driven development.
University of Texas at Austin
B.S. Astronomy
Volunteer Experience
FreeGeek Chicago · Volunteer
2015 to Current

Non-profit community refurbisher of hardware, promoter of open-source software, and provider of free tech education to community. 

Dev Bootcamp Chicago · Peer Mentor

Provide mentorship and guidance to students. Provide code reviews and thoughtful feedback to assist in computational thinking. Guide students to ask the correct questions when faced with a particular problem.