Danny Fekete

Pathological philomath, chronic obsessive-compulsive learner (currently off the wagon), unfashionably metrical poet, designer of games no one plays, and aspirant to be the teachers I admire; an adulthood of actively trying to be uninterested in nothing has made it difficult to describe myself in specific terms.  As a technology and special education teacher, I've honed my ability to map complex concepts, systems, and relationships, and then explain them in terms sensitive to needs of my audience.  As a developer, I'm discovering the thrill of building logical machines which themselves build things for me to play with.

Full-Stack Web Development
Rails 6.0
React JS
Node JS
Bundler (Ruby Gem development)
SlackBot Development
Bootstrap 4
CSS3 (+ Sass/SCSS)
Express JS
Microsoft Access
ws (WebSockets)
Media and Interface Design
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Audition
Microsoft PowerPoint
Philosophy of Science
Metrical Poetry
Fountain Pens
Walking Too Much
Game Theory
Natural History
Assistive Technology for Students with Special Needs
Game Design and Development
May 2019 to Current

Nascent project for building boggle-style letter fields to contain large, branching text sequences in optimized arrangements.  Highly stupid.

PHIG: A Platform for Hosting Infinite Generativity
Oct. 2018 to Current

Final group project: a synchronous platform for hosting and playing modular, language-based word games.  Stress-tested with 25 players, automatic randomized answer-bank generation, high-score persistence with MongoDB, and player encouragement provided by the Tim Johns Confetti Period.

Seemly Colloquy
Oct. 2018 to Oct. 2018

Solo assignment: Synchronous multi-user chat environment using websockets and featuring interface-indicators for user colour and field-modification.  Environment tailored to elevate discourse.  Pig-Latin translator and iambic pentameter detector features coming soon...

Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2018

Midterm group assignment: designed and implemented a Pinterest-esque app focused on sharing educational resources and tutorials, including a persistent PostgreSQL database with user/tag search functionality and asset scraping through The Open Graph Protocol.  Bootstrap and SCSS for the front-end, Express and EJS for the server.

Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2018

Solo assignment: Introductory single-page app based on Twitter, teaching Ajax and MongoDB.  UX whimsy: designed and implemented an irritable composition box that is impatient with people who exceed the word limit...

The Dunblaine School Website (www.dunblaineschool.com)
June 2016 to Sept. 2016

Designed and implemented a replacement for our ageing school website using Wix.  Copy and requirements provided by principal; design, layout, photos, implementation, maintenance provided by me.  Website has a public face and a Current Families blog requiring access permission.

Mar. 2009 to Current

Intermittent blog chronicling discoveries of educational resources and generally delicious knowledge.  Also contains my writing/research portfolio.  Built on WordPress using a modified version of Memoir by Elegant Themes.

425 Adelaide St W., Toronto, ON., M5V 3C1, Canada
Junior Developer
Nov. 2018 to Current, Nov. 2018 to Current

Working in a four-member team under the mentorship of Scott Tadman with a focus on API development using GraphQL, Rails, procedural test-generation, and building supporting microservices and gems for internal use/eventual open-source release; assisting in the training of recent hires.  (Postgres, Ruby, Rails, GraphQL, JavaScript, React.)

The Dunblaine School for Students with Special Needs
21 Deloraine Ave., Toronto ON., M5M 2A8, Canada
The Dunblaine School for Students with Special Needs
Oct. 2012 to Aug. 2018

K-8 spec. ed. computer and technology skills (6 years); Gr. 6 classroom teacher (1 year); resource and enrichment (6 years).

Solely responsible for website design, development, and maintenance; school computers/iPads/peripherals maintenance; assistive technology implementation and training; facilitating weekly Hiking Club; school yearbook

Freelance Tech Consultation, Repair
2002 to Current

Designing and assembling computers to serve clients' applications; application and network troubleshooting; training

Freelance Tutor
2006 to Current

Students from Gr. 4 through Undergrad; English, History, Science, Study Skills, First-Year Astronomy; specializing in students with learning disabilities

Lighthouse Labs: Web Development Bootcamp
Aug. 2018 to Nov. 2018
University of Toronto: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Sept. 2008 to Mar. 2013
M.A. Education 2012
A.Q. Special Education I 2013
Dept. of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning; thesis described classroom design, pedagogy, and student experience in accredited university classes in Second Life.
Nipissing University
Sept. 2006 to June 2007
B.Ed. Intermediate/Senior; English and History 2007
Nipissing University
Sept. 2002 to June 2006
B.A. (Hons.) Comb. English Literature & History 2006
Ontario College of Teachers · Member #517299
Oct. 2007 to Current
Province of Ontario · Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)
Province of Ontario · Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education · Academic Excellence Award ($2000)
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education · Academic Excellence Award ($2000)