Travis Simpson
Software Engineer
Lambda School
Dec. 2018 to Current
Continued Education in Full Stack Software Development. Strengthening abilities to build, readily learning new technology stacks, keeping work simple. Building fluency in web technologies and continuing self-study.
Lambda School
Certificate Computer Science and Software Development 2018
Extensive 7 month Full-Time immersive CS fundamental/Software Development program. Scope on Full Stack Software Engineering. In-depth focus on JavaScript ES6, Python and C and understanding computing from its most fundamental levels. Frontend, backend, servers, databases, data structures, Algorithms, APIs, and more.
Vista College
Certificate Medical Assistant/Medical Office Management 2012
Lambda School
Section Lead
Aug. 2019 to Current

-Daily Stand Up meetings with Team Leads and Instructors

-Provide assistance through 1:1s with Team Leads to help improve their efforts with students

-Communicate with students when issues come up

-Work with Student Success to ensure best possible environment for each student

Lambda School
Team Lead
June 2019 to Sept. 2019

Full Time Team Lead for Labs 14:

- Daily Stand Up meetings with team of 7 students

- Provide assistance through 1:1s, code reviews and coding with team

- Lead through inspiration and innovation

- Assist in planning and creation of functional product to be shipped on completion

Part Time Team Lead:

- Daily Stand Up meetings with group of students

- Provide assistance through 1:1 sprint reviews, code reviews and live assistance

- Assist in facilitating the learning process and guiding students to success

Volunteer Web Developer
Apr. 2019 to Current

UPchieve is a site with the goal of helping under-served high school students with tutoring, mentoring and getting in to college. It is a very important concept to me, coming from a similar background. I currently help with correcting some web design bugs in my free time and plan to continue helping the company in the foreseeable future.

Quakertown, PA
Technical Consultant
July 2018 to Dec. 2018

-Increased cyber security measures, trained staff on multi-factor authentication and potential threat detection. 

-Utilized Python, Tableau and Carto for data organization and visualization.

July 2019 to Current

Imagine buying a new camera for one photoshoot. Sounds pretty expensive, right? On Tech2Rent's web platform, you can safely and securely rent hi-tech equipment instead of buying it.

As Team Lead:

-Set up Trello Board, Product Vision Document and GitHub Organization

-Host daily Stand Ups covering tasks for the day, successes and struggles each student had

-Assist with debugging issues

-Keep documents  up to date


-Building chat system to integrate with application

Mar. 2019 to Current

Tic Tac Toe built with React, plans to continue improving and updating the game:
-Add Score Board
-Replace Moves Made Section with a "Restart Game" button
-Improve UX/UI

Apr. 2019 to Current

Simple Metronome built with React, plans to continue improving and updating:
-Implement better audio system to improve timing
-Follow through with "Necronomicon" Evil Dead theme
-Improve UX/UI

Apr. 2019 to Apr. 2019

Simple, typical ToDo app built in Vue. Future update may include backend to make it truly persistent, as well as user authentication to make it personal.