Ted Bogin
Front End Web Developer

Front End Web Developer with experience working with Fortune 500 clients

Languages: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
Frameworks: Angular 2+, Node.js, Sass/Scss, Bootstrap, Polymer.js
Tools: Git, NPM, Gulp, Yeoman, Chai
Other: Google Searches, Pair Programming, Debugging, RESTful APIs

Tapping into the Pro Publica and Twitter APIs, Flip-Flop reveals how politicians voted on important issues, and the frequency in which they've tweeted about those issues.  Flip-Flop was built using Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap CSS, and D3.js.

  • Built animated D3.js bar charts showing politicians' tweet frequency & voting records on major issues (gun control, healthcare, etc...)
  • Wrote Ruby methods for gathering data, and JavaScript for binding data to D3.js charts
  • Conceived and wireframed app's homepage layout

React Chat App

A chat application built with React.js, Node.js, and Socket.io.

  • This solo project allows messaging among multiple users, shows online users, and alerts to users joining and leaving the chat


The Ruby on Rails app that tells you where to move, how to move, and how to retool your life in order to avoid President Trump. Trumpfugees is tongue-in-cheek, but my collaborator and I are definitely still terrified.

  • Built models, associations, controllers, routes, and JSON data feed for countries featured in Trumpfugees 
  • Conceived app's layout, and contributed to styling using Materialize CSS and jQuery

Front End Web Developer Analyst
New York City
Accenture Interactive
Mar 2017 to Current, Mar 2017 to Current

• Front end web development for clients of Accenture Interactive

Front End Web Developer
New York City
Plymouth Travel
Dec 2016 to Feb 2017

Plymouth Travel is a New Hampshire-based bespoke travel company that specializes in tours for student and choral groups.

• Bringing the Plymouth Travel website up to modern web standards for HTML and CSS

• Making the Plymouth Travel website responsive and future-proof

• Updating website layout to meet user stories 

Coding Tutor
New York City
Oct 2016 to Jan 2017

Tutor clients and friends in JavaScript (native and jQuery), Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, and Sass.

• Basics of web design and development

• Manipulating the DOM

• HTML element styling and positioning

Dev Bootcamp
Trained to become a full stack web developer over 18 weeks at the original coding bootcamp
Dev Bootcamp emphasizes soft skills such as pair programming, and emotional intelligence in the workplace
Acquired skill set to remain a lifelong learner in the tech world
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bachelor's of Science Zoology 2013